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Leo Varadkar rounds on Gerry Adams

Back to form

After being left in the dust by Phil Hogan in recent weeks in the Race to the Backbenches, Leo Varadkar has made a spectacular bid to close the gap on the unpopular environment minister. In an article printed in the Irish Examiner, Varadkar went to town on a host of Irish political figures.

“Starting from the bottom,” Varadkar first jeered Independent TD Luke Flanagan, whose priorities, he said “range from septic tanks to cutting turf to smoking weed”.  via Varadkar blasts fools, clowns, and jailbirds | Irish Examiner.

Flanagan was flagged earlier here today at The Irish Bull for his shows of humanity since he became a TD 14 months ago.

In a wide-ranging attack on his fellow TD’s, Varadkar said Gerry Adams ‘can’t understand’ the languages he speaks.

‘Irish language users will be particularly upset at this coming from the mouth of privilege,’ said George Oilwell.

He also referred to Joe Higgins and Clare Daly’s time in prison for protesting against bin charges in 2003. There was also a pop at Mick Wallace and a reference to Mattie McGrath as being a ‘clown.’

‘At least Ming never told bare-faced lies to get votes,’ said Mickey Moore.




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